Finding The Right Home

Finding The Right Home

Here we list just a few of the most important points you need to bear in mind when starting your search for a new home in Ottawa.

Internet/Newspaper Ads

You can browse on line or look through the columns of the local newspaper to see which properties are listed. This is a great way to get a global idea of what is available in the area you are looking at.

However, it can be time-consuming as you may have to plough through a lot of information about properties that don’t really fit what you are looking for.

This is one great advantage of working with an experienced Real Estate Agent such as Ray Smiley.

A knowledgeable Ottawa Realtor, Ray will talk to you to get a very clear idea of:

  • exactly what sort of Ottawa home you would like to move into
  • the sort of price range you are willing to pay
  • what amenities you are looking for close to home (good school, library, sports facilities, outdoor park, bus and metro stops?
  • the type of lifestyle you are looking to achieve
  • any other specific preferences that you have regarding the sort of home you are looking for.

Then he will comb through all the extensive multiple listings at his disposal and only send to you those home details that are a close fit with your specific criteria.

This can save you time by allowing you to keep your attention focused on real estate that falls within your personal parameters.

When you look through the listings he sends you, if you see any property that you would like to view Ray can set up an appointment time to fit in with your schedule.

He can also put together a viewing itinerary so that you can visit multiple properties within the same area in a single day, if you choose

The advantage of working with Ray is that he will take over all the multiple organizational details of viewing several properties together so that you can concentrate on contrasting and comparing their strong points and eliminating those that don’t work for you.

The other advantage is that as part of his job, Ray systematically browses the entire gamut of new listings within the Ottawa area on a daily basis and so can pick up on any new properties that are put up for sale as soon as they appear.

He can even point you towards homes that have not yet been listed on the open market so that you can get a heads-up on other buyers and get a chance to view and make an offer before other interested parties get the chance.

Advantages of Multiple Listing Services
Ray has access to details regarding pretty much every property available on the Ottawa Real Estate Market. The type of information he can pass on to you includes

  • Location of property
  • Asking Price
  • Photographs from many angles
  • Utilities
  • Amenities
  • Annual property tax
  • Current financing (when assumable)
  • Listing company

Points to Remember When Previewing a Home
Whenever you preview a home it is important that you take notes about what you see for later reference. This is particularly important if you view multiple properties on the same day since it is easy to get confused between one property and the next.

Try to find out as much as you can about the property at the time of viewing. In particular, remember to:

  • Ask specific questions about the construction of the home; how old are the plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling and systems, etc and when was their last maintenance check?
  • Ask about the neighbourhood – including local schools, shops, transportation, parks sports facilities, libraries, etc.

For more ideas on what specially to look for when viewing a potential new home, please see our Home Shopping tips page.

Above all – Relax and Have Fun
Searching for a new home should be an exciting, pleasurable experience – all the more so if you have an experienced Real Estate such as Ray Smiley to assist.

Ray has an award-winning, proven track record in finding dream properties for his Ottawa clients. Why not contact him today to see if he can be of help to you?

Ray’s direct phone line is 613-818-1819

Ray’s office number is 613-837-0000

Ray’s e-mail address is

Ray’s fax number is 613-837-0005

Send Ray your questions online by clicking here.

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