Benefits of Home Ownership

Benefits of Home Ownership

Seven Good Reasons for Owning your own Home

When you buy your own home you are also to some extent buying your independence and privacy. Within your own home you can:

  • paint the walls any colour you like
  • hang pictures, hammocks and other fixtures anywhere you want
  • plant flowers, trees and shrubs of your choice
  • keep a dog, cat or any other pet that appeals to you
  • carry out just about any activity you like (so long as it is legal!)

All in all there is something very liberating about actually owning your own home – which is a feeling that you just don’t get when you rent.

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Buying a home is usually a great investment. Every time you make a mortgage payment you become the owner of more and more of the bricks and mortar of your home and are adding to its investment value.

If you decide to go ahead with home improvements, most of the time you are also increasing the investment value of your property.

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Buying your own home is an excellent way to establish your financial credibility. When you have been approved for a mortgage and make steady and regular payments in a timely manner your credit rating will improve which can open the doors to other types of life-improving possibilities.

Owning your own home is usually great security against inflation because its value is likely to increase as prices rise.

There is nothing quite like owning your own home to instill you with a sense of self-worth, pride, satisfaction and enjoyment. It is almost like a showcase of what you have achieved in life. Your home will come to reflect your lifestyle and values. You may even come to see it almost as an extension of you and your family.

Owning your home can give you a sense of belonging and of being an integral part of an established community. It can provide you and your family with a welcome sense of security and stability that is somehow lacking when you rent a property.

Tax Advantages
There are a certain number of tax deductions that you may be entitled to make when you buy your Ottawa home. These may include:

  • Part of the closing costs
  • Property taxes if you buy your home as an investment or for commercial reasons

You might even be able to get a refund on your Provincial Land Transfer Taxes.

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