11 Tips on How to Find and Choose a Good Real Estate Agent

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Sunday, July 31st, 2022

Finding your dream home is a difficult task. Not just difficult, it is an adventure in itself. You go through lots of ups and downs that make it an experience that you won’t forget easily. To be the ally beside you, there’s your real estate agent. He knows all the strategies to both buy and sell a property. He has the connections, tools, and experience to keep you afloat in the real estate market. Finding and choosing a good real estate agent is the best way to ensure this.

To assist you in your adventure, here are 11 major tips that you should keep in mind while choosing the right real estate agent-

Start by Collecting References

The best way to choose the right person is to get started. Because of the internet, you have all the tools that you need to find an agent in any part of the world. But it is always better to start with human referrals.

Ask around your community, friends, or relatives. Real estate agent services are a personal affair, only humans can tell what is right about the other person. They can share some insights that no online source can provide.

When you get some initial references, start going online.

Check the Experience if You are New

Real estate is a tough business. You need the expertise to be in the game. That is why it is important to choose a real estate agent that has the experience to show. Especially, when you are new to selling or buying properties, you need someone to guide and assist you.

There’s nothing wrong with someone who is new to the game. If he has a strong personality and the skills to negotiate a good deal, he will do a great job. But don’t expect him to guide you when you are stuck.

Ensure the Credentials and Permissions

Every state has their own local governing bodies for the agents. The agents are required to be certified and have the proper licenses to operate. To save yourself from trouble, always check the required formalities beforehand.

An Agent with Local Knowledge

Consider that you are looking for a real estate agent in Ottawa, but somehow, because of your poor research, you get an agent that only has real estate experience in Montreal. Not only this will waste your time and efforts, the agent will also miss his other appointments.

A local agent will have a keen sense of the market. He will already have a decent stock and inventory of options saving you lots of time. He will be also aware of the problems, community conditions and local requirements of a property.

Online and Social Presence

You cannot afford to choose a real estate agent that does not have a solid online reputation. Having social and online presence ensures that he is aware of the modern day requirements and he is up to date with technology. Having online presence tells that when it comes to selling your property, he has all the tools to market it around.

You can view the properties, compare them to other options, and contact him before even meeting him. This will save you some time and effort. Start with his website and move to the social channels.

Take Interview Face to Face

It is absolutely necessary to meet your agent in person. You don’t want to close the deal on phone, ever. In this internet age, it is easy to assume every contact can be made online but that’s not the case with real estate agents.

You want to know the personal and human traits of the agent. You will be spending a lot of time with him, so make sure he is present when it comes to the interview. You will have to get comfortable with his personality. It ensures that in future, all the communication goes smoothly. Interview him just like you are hiring him for a job!

Ask for Previous Client Referrals

This is one of the most important questions that you can put to a real estate agent. Ask him to share info on his previous clients. A reputable and reliable agent will never shy away from sharing the details.

By contacting the clients, you will come to know about their personal experience and gain confidence in making the right choice.

Check if they Have Experience with Similar Properties

Not every agent deals with every type of property. You might have a home for sale in Ottawa but the agent only deals with buyers and not sellers. Or consider this, you have a large ranch property but the agent only has the network or experience of small suburban houses.

You should make sure that the agent you want deal with, has the required knowledge of the concerned property. A new agent with the proper knowledge of the specific estate will be better suited than an experienced agent with absolutely no knowledge.

Meet Many Agents

Finding the right agent takes some time. It is always recommended to meet as many agents as time allows. Even if your gut feeling tells you to choose the first one, control it.

Going for multiple options will help you understand your own requirements. It will add some time to your research but in the end, it will be worth it.

Chemistry is Important

You will have to choose an agent with whom you get along. Between you and the agent, there should be clear communication, honesty, passion, trust, and eagerness to help. The chemistry between you and the agent is not a sign of getting the best deal, but it guarantees that at least you will have a good time.

Be Wary of the Red Flags

If the agent is not picking calls, ignoring you after the initial meeting, not replying to the emails, or not properly communicating, then you are entering a wrong deal. Be sure to maintain proper communication with the agent.

Similarly, be on the lookout for other warning signs like not doing real estate on a full-time basis, not providing client referrals, multiple negative reviews, lack of support numbers, lack of credentials or permissions etc. You are investing a lot of time and money into this endeavor, so make sure it is not wasted with a lackluster real estate agent.

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